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Shirin Darou Company was established in 1971 in the suburbs of Shiraz, and in 1976 started production.

The products of this company include licorice extracts in the form of spray-dried powder, solid blocks, and liquid with different levels of active components according to the customers’ order.

The products of Shirin Darou are exported to different parts of the world including European countries, China, Canada, Egypt, and UAE and etc. With a history of excellent quality and quantity of products. During the past decades Shirin Darou has been chosen as exemplary exporter in both national and provincial levels.

Shirin Darou has always put the satisfaction of the customer on the top of its programs and has improved the production quality and received international ISO 9001, ISO 14001, ISO 22000, ISO 10002, HACCP as well as Halal certificate.This company has a strong and up to date R&D department, and in addition to increasing the quality and quantity of the regular products , its current development program is the production of new and world class licorice products.