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Licorice extract powder

One of the products obtained from licorice root is the production of powder from its extract, which has many uses.

A: Drug use:

Glycyrrhizic acid and glycyrrhizin and other substances present in powdered sweet extract extract to treat atherosclerosis, gastrointestinal ulcers, ulcers and inflammation of the stomach and intestines, gastric cancer, indigestion, ulcers and inflammation of the mouth, sore throat, tuberculosis, chronic fatigue, AIDS Pain, sunburn, cracked lips, Addison’s disease are also useful for increasing women’s fertility and treating menopausal symptoms, strengthening the adrenal glands, strengthening memory, reducing stress and depression, lowering blood cholesterol levels and treating obesity, softening the chest mucosa, etc. This valuable product is also used as an antitussive.

This product is effective for sputum and is also diuretic and laxative.

Sweet extract powder is a topical antiviral expression for ulcers and inflammation of the shingles, eyes, mouth, gums and genitals and is effective in treating viral and bacterial infections.

In traditional medicine, this product is used to treat muscle spasms and swelling, bronchitis, rheumatism and arthritis, etc.

Licorice extract powder is used to strengthen the body’s immune system and prevent cancer, detoxify and strengthen the liver, heart and arteries, as well as to strengthen the voice.

Another form of drug use of this powder extract in pharmacy is to hide the unpleasant taste of some drugs such as quinine sulfate, plum, cassia, etc. Also, this valuable product also adds strong laxatives, the consumption of which usually causes severe discomfort. This is because consuming this substance reduces intestinal contractions.

This substance reduces the side effects of some drugs and increases the pharmacological effects.

B: Health use:

The ingredients in the sweet extract powder have antimicrobial properties and can be used as an anti-stain and skin lightening mask. Therefore, it is also used in a variety of creams. It is also useful for preventing tooth decay, so this product can be used. It was used as an antiseptic in mouthwashes and toothpastes.

Licorice extract extract powder is also used in other health products such as lotions, hair tonics, hair dyes, perfumes, etc.

A: Food use:

Another use of this substance is to sweeten food products because it is fifty times sweeter than sugar (Sucrose) and in a wide variety of snacks and foods such as candy, jelly, pastilles, cakes, chocolate, cocoa, bread, sweet bread, Sauces, ice cream, syrups, soft drinks, soft drinks, chewing gum, beer, eggs, canned food, mushrooms, as well as antioxidants, etc. can be found.

D: Industrial application:

Another use of this substance in tobacco is as a flavoring agent that gives natural sweetness to the final product.

Also, due to the presence of saponins in these products and of course due to the similarity of glycyrrhizic acid to saponosides in creating a stable and durable floor, this product is used as a foaming agent in detergents such as shampoo, dishwashing liquid, dishwashing detergent, laundry, soap and so on. .. Also drilling foam (used in drilling operations for oil and gas wells), fire foam (used to extinguish fires), concrete foam (for flooring and sloping buildings, filling cavities, water and sewage wells) , Arcs of tunnels, mines and abandoned wells are also used to build light blocks, etc.).

This product is also used in textile industries for dyeing paints, as well as in the ink industry, leather tanning, etc.

Licorice extract extract powder is used in making shoe wax, sofa coverings and curtains.

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